The Final Word for February – Acknowledge With Graciousness – Deb’s Ah-Ha Moment

If you have ever heard me speak you probably know this story of an Ah-Ha moment in my life – which I will never forget. A number years ago I was speaking at a conference for judges and lawyers and the luncheon speaker was a lady from a presidential administration (I didn’t care for) and… Read more »

What Will You Do Next? part 1 of 3

In this blog post let’s look at the first of my three lessons for survival. Keep Working. The hardest thing you will do is to keep working on your dreams and goals. Granted it may be a smaller venue than you had hoped for but I have seen and learned by being on the stage… Read more »

THE FINAL NOTE for January 2011

This is THE FINAL NOTE for the January 2011 addition of SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR – Deb Sofield’s online newsletter. (visit to sign up) Here are some rules specific for women and men on public speaking. Ladies: As you work on your powerful voice, be careful about letting your voice rise at the end of… Read more »

Deb Launches Newsletter

Log onto my website and view my online newsletter, Speak Without Fear, it is a excellent source of news, notes and tips for public speaking. You can sign up on my website to receive my monthly newsletter. My goal is to help you become the best you can be – personally and professionally…because if… Read more »