Recently, I was listening to a motivational CD and the speaker (who I am sorry I cannot remember) told about how the listening audience for radio has changed through the years. And in his training he now encourages his radio speakers to follow a simple formula that I think also works well for some speakers and it… Read more »

The Art of Exceptional Living – Summer

One of my favorite motivational speakers was the late great Mr. Jim Rohn… his book The Art of Exceptional Living is one of my favorites and in it he talks about the seasons of life. He says we all know that there are 4 seasons… we have Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. And these seasons hold Life Lessons because to… Read more »

Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

“Get your big fat ass in here” those are the words a client of mine recently heard from her grandmother. I can only assume the grandmother didn’t measure the damage of her words. I’m sure grandma thought she was being funny. She wasn’t. Weeks later my client can repeat that stinging phrase that hurt to the… Read more »

Boundary of the United States

I walked along the border I came upon this imposing marker. It’s set into the fence line between America and Mexico. Anyone can easily scale the fence or swim around the jetty in the ocean and regardless of how or why you cross it, you’ve now crossed a border – a boundary line that either… Read more »

The Final Word for May – “He Sounds Stupid…”

I have a dear friend who is a smart, bright, well-educated guy and many years ago he was considering running for public office. As he was making the rounds to the different events to judge his “electability” he often spoke about the need for change in our government tax structure. One day, while with my friend at… Read more »

Likeability Factor – The Rules

I’ve worked in politics for 27 years and unconsciously or not we grade candidates (and people in general) on three factors: Issues, Party Affiliation, and Likeability. Historical data show that regardless of how the public grades issues and party affiliation, the candidate with the highest likeability factor wins the election every time. Friends we vote… Read more »

The Final Word for April – 100% Off The Record…No Such Thing

Let me remind you that Nothing is 100% off the record. When the reporter walks in with a TV camera to interview you, remember the audio is probably ON. And when the reporter says to the cameraman are you filming? And the cameraman says…NO – well your brain needs to ask – are they recording…and… Read more »