Start and Finish

Recently a client called me about entering a competition – she was not sure she wanted to go through the hard work, early mornings and late nights not to mention the stress, pain and hassle of it all. She called to asked me what I thought.

Realizing that she would have a lot of work to do to win the race, I was tempted to let her off the hook this time. But, looking back over our last year together, I realized how far she had come in our first year. She had focused on her work, she was building her career and she needed another push to get to the top.

So I told her to sign up again and work through it to finish what she had started.

In just one year’s time I saw a rebirth of self-confidence, a new vision of herself and a resolve to be the best at what she did. What I saw, through the tears and pain, was a discovery of her true self. I realized that if she could find the courage to love that person then she was on a path for a life of success.

Why did I push her? Because I knew she could do it. Over time she would learn the skills and routines, the programs and production that would build a foundation for success – even if she didn’t feel like it at that moment. Sometimes we’ve just got to step up into the light and shine!

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