May all your dreams come true… even the ones they laughed at!

I recently came across a phrase that made me smile when I thought about it… because the truth it holds can be life changing. May all your dreams come true (even the ones they laughed at)

There is something about this phrase that captures me… maybe it’s because I’ve had 1000 dreams, thoughts and ideas that I’ve tried or have pursued – some to success and some that are still in my attic and a few that are just sweet memories… but let the record show that at least I tried.

I hear a lot of polite snickering when someone verbalizes their dreams to go higher or simply to better themselves and what’s funny is that others, due to their limited imagination, just cannot fathom the idea…so of course it couldn’t work for you since it never occurred to them.

But let me encourage you dear dreamer that the sky is the limit if you’ll just let your imagination go with what you think might work because until you try you’ll never know. It’s be said that – “Dreams are not those which are seen while you’re sleeping. Dreams are those, which don’t let you sleep”

I found a great quote that said, “Tell me my dreams are unrealistic, and I’ll tell you yours aren’t big enough.

I would say that most dreams are crushed or at least dented by those who have other ideas of what you should be doing. Maybe it’s a parent that wants you to be a doctor or lawyer – both great and honorable professions – but if your heart is set on being a pro golfer there is going to be a clash of ideals. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t listen to those who love you and want what is best for you – but sometimes we all have to step out and see if the ice will hold…My grandfather use to say, a whole lot learning happens if we can make it across the lake or if we break through and go under.

Oh dear listener I have probably embarked on 15-20 different roads to see which one would lead me to my passion, my heart, and my home and I am thankful that I did – because each job prepared me in some way for the next adventure or for something bigger – something unusual – something life changing or simply a redirection of the path I was on OR more often than not in some cases I had to stop doing things I was interested in but not talented at.

I hope you will take to heart this concept of May all your dreams come true (even the ones they laughed at) and for a time… allow your imagination to wander back to those days when you did dream and now can laugh about the silly things you tried that didn’t work and reflect on the things that did – the things you were excellent at.

Cindy Wilson said it best – It’s your job to make your dreams come true. Don’t quit your job!

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