If opportunity doesn’t knock – build a door…

I grew up with the idea of when opportunity knocks you open the door and let it in. But what do you do when opportunity doesn’t knock and you need an opportunity? I agree with the funnyman of yesterday, Milton Berle – If opportunity doesn’t knock – friend, you build a door.

Yes, sometimes you need to pull out the hammer and saw and make things happen. Ideally, I wish it would just appear but you and I know that isn’t always the case. So now is the time to get going to put on our work clothes and get to work.

Is there an opportunity that seemed closed for you? Is this something you need or simply want to happen? Once you have looked at all the options can you see a way through? Maybe or maybe not – but if it is something you feel passionate about or know you have the skills and proficiencies to do the job, maybe you need to pull out your toolbox and start building.

What I find is that many people want it to be easy, I don’t blame them but that’s not always an option. Sometimes we’ve got to get our hands dirty to create an opportunity or build that door.

So if opportunity is not knocking, I wonder what door do you need to build? Is there a door that you can build (or rebuild) with family members, who have, in a sense, locked you out? Is there a door with a work colleague that you need to create? Is there a door with your friend, or spouse or partner that you need to build or at least repair?