Be a lamp – or a lifeboat – or a ladder

I’m sure for most of us it would be easy to choose someone who is a lamp in our life – someone who believed we’d come into our own one-day and be the person we were born to be. That one person, who against all odds of human reasoning liked us, loved us and believed in us and today we reflect their light as we go about our daily business. Not everyone can be a lamp but you can be a lifeboat or a ladder.

I love the water so the concept of a lifeboat speaks to me. As I speak to audiences from Carolina to California, from the Middle East to Asia, the stories are all the same. At some point in life many people have simply needed a lifeboat. A safe place to drag yourself into and hold on until the storm passes. Or a place to rest  until we can see our way clear. If you’ve not been able to see yourself as a lamp or lifeboat perhaps its because you’ve been doing the heavy lifting of helping others climb the ladder. Have you had to push or pull someone up so they too can see the view? I hope so – I hope your arms hurt and your muscles are strong with all you’ve done to help others climb.

Friends, we all have choices in life: you can be a lamp, a lifeboat or a ladder. And what is so great about this concept is that you get to choose which one. You get to make the decision on what your legacy will be. You get to make your corner of the world a better place.