Act As If

Recently, a guest on my radio show used a phrase that has really stuck with me. In the course of our conversation about how to keep your spirits up, even when it seems like life has thrown you a curve ball, she suggested that every time her spirits started to wane she would, as she said, “Act As If.”  

Act as if it was going to be okay, act as if you had the courage to do the job, act as if you were in the job of your dreams. Just that mind set of Act As If – can change the way you currently feel about a situation. That’s an interesting phrase – to Act As If … I like it because it is memorable, hopeful and positive and gives me a sense of forward motion – so I’m going to put into play in my own life.

How about you? Instead of seeing everything that is wrong with a situation – what if you were to Act As If it would go right or, better yet, in the direction you were hoping.

When you don’t feel well – Act As If you do
When your heart is broken – Act As If you can get by – just taking it one day at a time
When the dark thoughts of depression start to cloud your judgment – Act As If you’re on the other side of the depressed state.
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