Public Speaking

Business, Politics and Pageants Have a Lot in Common!

I am in the process of writing guidebook for parents of pageant girls. You might be surprised to know that I am one of the Southeast’s top pageant interview coaches for Miss America, Miss USA, Little Miss, the Rodeo queens, the Cow queens, Watermelon queens and the list goes on and on. And what I… Read more »

8 Things Really Successful People Do

Most people claim to want success. But not everyone is willing to do the hard work and the smart work to get there. Often opportunities present themselves and because people are distracted, they miss them or give up on them… Read the article here:

Deb on the Radio – Speak without Fear

I have had a wonderful time with my guest on my weekly radio show – you can tune in every Saturday from 1-2pm on 94.5FM (Greenville, SC) or find the app (Conservative Talk 94.5) on iTunes to hear the show live. I am also pleased to offer the Podcast for the show on iTunes –… Read more »

Speak without Fear Radio on 94.5fm Greenville, SC

Had a wonderful with my guest Janet Christy, author of 101 Winning Marketing Actions for Small Business…tune in every Saturday from 1-2pm. Speak without Fear – is my tough love radio show for the hard nosed world – teaching you how to live above the noise and succeed in doing what you were born to… Read more »