Rule #1 – Restate Your Position

I find it is rare when an audience member can ask a coherent question from the floor. In the questioners head it (their question) sounds sane but when they speak it usually comes out jumbled and you, speaker, must answer in a way that does not embarrass them. Sometimes you have to restate their question… Read more »

What Really Chips Me Off (in case your wondering)

I work with a number of important people – people who have people waiting for them…but nothing chips me off more than when a speaker makes a plane or limo reservation minutes after a presentation is done so they don’t have to take Q&A. If you haven’t prepared your presentation to answer all the questions… Read more »

Likeability Factor – The Rules

I’ve worked in politics for 27 years and unconsciously or not we grade candidates (and people in general) on three factors: Issues, Party Affiliation, and Likeability. Historical data show that regardless of how the public grades issues and party affiliation, the candidate with the highest likeability factor wins the election every time. Friends we vote… Read more »

The Final Word for April – 100% Off The Record…No Such Thing

Let me remind you that Nothing is 100% off the record. When the reporter walks in with a TV camera to interview you, remember the audio is probably ON. And when the reporter says to the cameraman are you filming? And the cameraman says…NO – well your brain needs to ask – are they recording…and… Read more »